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An acquaintance heard that I’m reading 52 books in 52 weeks and offered a book written by Ray Comfort. I get lots of book ideas, but this one jumped out at me specifically because it was from someone I didn’t know that well. And it just jumped out at me when I read it. The book is called, God Has A Wonderful Plan For Your Life.

At first I wasn’t too impressed, mainly because the author started off bashing the church. I can’t stand when someone bashes the body of Christ. I get tired of people going on about what’s not happening in the church and what should change in the church, because it comes off as “know-it-all-ish.” The truth is, a lot of things should change in the church overall. But my position is, instead of just pointing the finger and identifying what’s going wrong, be a part of the solution.

One other thing that bothered me about the book is some judgment calls on whether people who pray the prayer of salvation are actually saved. (Okay, let me get on my soapbox here!) Romans 10 says that whoever believes in their heart and confesses with their mouth that Jesus was raised from the dead is saved. It is never my decision whether what they have prayed is genuine or true. That is between them and God. It really doesn’t matter what statistics do or don’t say. It is a relationship between them and God.

That said, I think Ray has some good thoughts and solutions around the body of Christ. We just have to be careful that we don’t throw out the baby with the bath water. Let’s build up and not tear down. Overall the book is a good read.

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  • Robert Burke

    Dear Troy Maxwell,

    Congrats on your seeking, especially in your endeavor to read one book a week for a year.

    If you really want to grow spiritually, then first believe it is possible.

    Next, start thinking differently. Perhaps the one-book-with-three-points… isn’t ever going to make it.

    Finally (do you really have faith that there is meat beyond milk spirituality? Good!) Then…

    GULP! Read the ten (not one, but ten… yes, it takes hundreds of points of light to shine…) of…

    In That Day Teachings… free on the internet. How about them apples…


    And Ray Comfort… is from the milk arena, in that he believes in rigid-righteous, fixed-ways of saving people… And knows little about Holy Flexibility… and hence, is stuck in the milk, which is okay… But would you like to expose your mind, your soul… and later your sheep… to higher thought? To the redounding Christ-in-You? To Holy Flexibility? To greater intelligence, which is the mind of Christ?

    Did you think even such a thing was possible?

    Have faith, my friend!

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