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We recently had a great guest at Freedom House.  His name is Dr. Robi Sonderegger (pronounced Robbie).  Dr. Robi is a clinical psychologist.  Not one of those, look at the ink blot and call out what you see, types. And no I didn’t spend the weekend on the couch being psychoanalyzed.  Dr. Robi loves Jesus Christ with all his heart and also has a passion for the Church of God.

One of the things I like to ask people who I believe have tremendous international influence, is what they are reading and where they get their inspiration from.  Dr. Robi suggested that I pick up a book called, The Brain That Changes Itself.  Well, I did and read it the best I could.  It was a little “techy” but not too bad.

The gist of the book is that our brains are not fixed into a certain way of thinking.  We can, in fact, change patterns that have been learned over years and even decades.  The term repeatedly explained in the book is “plasticity”. It’s the idea that the brain is like a muscle and can be worked out.  Now I am an avid work out person.  I train at least 3 or 4 times a week and sometimes more.  I know how our muscles, with the right training, can grow and be changed for the good.  This well written book digs into this possibility.  From autism to dementia, scientists are digging deeper and deeper in the complex field that deals with our brains.

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