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Start your year off right by making these declarations:

  • I declare God’s blessing on you and your family
  • I declare God’s protection over your household – No weapon formed against you shall prosper
  • I declare increase, increase financially, increase in the power of God, increase in ministry, increase in wisdom, increase in understanding – May the Spirit of God give us eyes to see and ears to hear what the His Spirit is speaking
  • I declare God’s power in His bride the church – Expansion on the left and on the right,
  • I declare increased INFLUENCE of the church of Jesus
  • I declare that this year is the year of the PRODIGAL coming home! May sons and daughters who have run from your presence recognize that the world has nothing to offer them and it is ONLY JESUS who can truly satisfy!
  • I declare grace and mercy over our city and that YOU God would use FREEDOM House church along with other LIFE giving churches to raise the spiritual water level across our communities
  • I declare protection over our schools, universities and other campuses
  • I declare addictions are broken
  • I declare sin is washed away
  • I declare strongholds are removed
  • I declare healing over the sick
  • I declare freedom over the bound
  • I declare LIBERTY of those who imprisoned
  • I declare chains are shattered
  • I declare LIMITS are LIFTED and God’s power is active and alive in everyone of our hearts!
  • I Declare God’s presence in our midst
  • AND I declare that JESUS is the one and true LIVING God who was, is and always will be the LORD, MASTER, SAVIOR and FRIEND. In Jesus Name…amen!
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